Sunday, 2 November 2014

Number 4 Privet Drive

Well hello there, how are you today?

I've been off work this week for half term and my goodness has it been a busy one, I've cleaned the house from top to bottom, sorted through my wardrobe (and H's) 8 bags of clothes later... we've crafted, baked, carved pumpkins. Then I launched the new Crafty Alchemy website and some new felt packs (you can check them out here), on top of that I'm preparing for The Best Little Network Christmas Market in a couple of weeks.... I think I need another week off to recover :)

I've been slightly hampered by a rather fetching pair of wrist splints which I now have to wear as I've been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - oh what fun! 

I've got another layout from our Summer break to St Albans today, as I'm sure you know, we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, and the picture on this layout was kind of a "must take" photo, the very famous Number 4 Privet Drive....

The Dursley's weren't home, just in case you were wondering :) We realised after we'd left that we hadn't had our photo taken next to the Privet Drive road sign - Fail! 

I bet Petunia Dursley wouldn't be too happy about the the shabby chic wallpaper patterned paper that I used for the background.

I also added a random scattering of sequins (anyone who has ever added a random scattering of sequins will know that I really sat there positioning every sequin then gluing them down one by one).

Well that's all from me for today, H and I have decided to watch a Harry Potter film this afternoon (no surprise there then) then I'll probably be working on Crafty Alchemy things until the wee small hours, I just don't seem to be able to stop, I'm absolutely loving it, I've got so many things planned for next year that I don't know if I can fit it all in yet, but no worries, there's always 2016 :D

Have a lovely afternoon.
Claire xx