Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Scrapbooking - CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration 158

Well hello there. 

I've been playing along at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration again, I can't help myself, I love the challenges and the fact that I can see my huge pile of crafty stash reducing, I get a tingly feeling whenever I throw an empty packet of embellishments away or use up the last few stickers on a sheet or the last scrap of a piece of patterned paper.

I really liked the colours in the palette for this challenge and one of the evidence prompts reminded me that I really enjoy hand stitching onto my scrapbook layouts.

The colours for this challenge were pale blue with a hint of green, light peach, olive or khaki green, cool dark brown and white. And when I saw this journaling prompt, "Document a favourite childhood toy or belonging" I knew there was only one photo I could use....

The photo is me aged 3, we were moving house that day, hence the boxes, I was wearing my dad's flat cap and my pink jungle pyjamas, and I was carrying an umbrella with a tea towel tied around the end to turn it into a bag and most importantly I was carrying Snowy the Bear, or should I say Snowy THE Bear, because he was and still is THE bear, no other bear has ever or will ever come close to this bear and I now consider him a treasured possession, he's been my bear all my life.

For the evidence part of the challenge I used stitching, fabric, stripes and polka dots from the list.

The journaling reads: "Snowy, the little white bear with the blue feet. Snowy was my constant companion when I was a little girl, I'm a lot older now, but he still has a special place in my heart and on my bed."

This case file runs until 26th March (it closes around 10pm uk time) you can get the full details of the challenge here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Claire xx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

The "I'm catching up" type of blogging...

Hello there, happy Sunday to you.

I'm stepping back in time a bit today, I know I didn't blog a lot towards the end of last year and as a result I have quite a large stack of scrapbook layouts waiting to be blogged and in some cases photographed ***hangs head in shame***

So I'm making an effort to catch up, both of these layouts were inspired by CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration in 2014, I'm intending to make a huge dent in my stash this year and find these challenges are a great way to get things used up as you get a colour scheme of 5 colours to use and you have to use all of them, you can also add a toot of other colours, you have a list of embellishments/techniques of which you have to use at least 2 and 5 different journaling prompts which you have to use more than 1 of. My first step is to go through all of my patterned papers (the pile is about 6 inches) and pull out all the relevant colours, then read the journal prompts and pick a photo that fits the colours and the journal theme, then finally the embellishments. 
On some weeks there's a sketch too so there's an extra kick of inspiration. 

This one above was one of my favourites, the colours were Magenta, White, Pale Pink, Lime Green and Light Grey, for the evidence I used stripes, polka dots, trees, hang something and a circle punch. The journaling is a list of 3 things about H.
1. Very happy.
2. Very cautious.
3. Very scared of heights.

For this next layout the idea was to document a daily pleasure. The colour scheme was Grayish Green, Light Lemony Yellow, Coral, White and Pale Sage Green. I struggle with yellow, I'm never really sure what to do with it, so for this one I decided less is more and to take advantage of white space and a splatter of coral spray ink.

For the evidence I used a tea cup accent, although it looks like more of a coffee cup, it was my attempt at hand carving a tea cup rubber stamp. I also used a tag, staples and doodling.
The journaling reads: There's nothing I enjoy more than curling up in my chair at night with a cup of tea, a bar of chocolate and a very good book, it's my idea of bliss.

That's all from me today, a rainy Sunday afternoon feels like the perfect excuse to put a film on and craft the rest of the day away. Hope you have a lovely day.

Keep creating.
Claire xx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Month in Numbers - February

Hello there, another month has flown by and it's time for ...

If you've never heard of Month in Numbers, I'll just briefly explain what it's all about, it was started by the very lovely Julie Kirk over at Notes on Paper who began reviewing her month statistically - not in a complicated mathematical way, don't worry there's no algebra or equations involved, just noting numbers of significance or interest. Then a few people joined in with Julie, counting their way through the months and here we are now.

I've chosen to use a 4x4 scrapbook album for my numbers, here's my February page...

I've used 4x4 Kraft squares for my cardstock and used a scalloped square die to cut my patterned paper. I stamped the banner onto pink paper then stamped the month, the typewriter stamp was coloured in with Pastel Green and Tea Green Promarkers, I then used 3d foam pads to attach it to the page. On the next page I made a small pocket to hold the dinky journaling cards I made (they measure 7cm x 5.5cm) and used a set of number stamps for my numbers and a stamp for the "Noted" on the pocket, finally I added a scalloped edge to the pocket, inked everything with Pumice Stone Distress Ink and added a few red brads.

My Numbers for this month are:

15 - Minutes spent cleaning per day.I really hate housework, but I love a sparkly clean house, so I keep doing 15 minute bursts of cleaning per day to keep on top of it, it's working too, even H is doing 15 minutes in her room a day, I didn't realise her carpet wasn't made from bears and books.

1 - Excellent school report for Hermione. Totally proud Mum Moment.

11.30pm - The time I've been getting to bed most nights. I really should try and grab an early night every now and again.

29 - Cakes eaten this month. However there is a good reason....

35 - The age I turned this month, hence so many cakes, not all big chocolate cakes, some small ones with a cup of tea (Ok, lots of small ones with many cups of tea)

72 - Hours spent re-organising my work space. I finally have it as I want it, for now.

342 - Books to the charity shop, I kept 114, the mystery is how on earth did all 446 books fit on a 3 shelf bookcase and not cause it to collapse.

2 - The number of years we've had Bailey dog, and he still won't behave.

Well those were my numbers for February. Thanks for stopping by and I'm sure Julie would love it if you stopped by at Notes on Paper to check out her numbers and the numbers of the people who also play along.

Keep on creating.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration - Case File 156

Hello there, 

CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration Case File 156 went live on Friday night, and you know how much I love their challenges, well today I've got my final layout as a Special Deputy for February to share....

For the scene I used all 5 colours which were: Bright coral - the coral I've used looks a bit orangey here but it is more coral in real life (it's that dress thing all over again), Yellowy Green, Warm Grey, White and Tan.

For my evidence I chose to use leaves - printed on the patterned paper and a couple of rub-ons, other rub-ons including parenthesis which were on the list, stamps - the journal spots and finally triangles on the bunting.

For the journaling I used 2 stamped journal spots and took inspiration from the words grow and spice.
The journaling reads "The best thing about growing your own pumpkins is large bowls of homemade spicy pumpkin soup"

You can find all the details of the challenge here over on CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration and you have until Thursday 12th March to upload you entry.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on creating.

Claire xx