Thursday, 10 July 2014

Welcome to the Start of a New Adventure

Well hello there and a very warm welcome to the new Crafty Alchemy blog. Come on in, don't be shy, pull up a chair, the kettle's on and there's cake in the kitchen - feel free to help yourself :)

I'm Claire, the founder of Crafty Alchemy.

I guess I'd better start by explaining to my fabby followers old and new what is going on here...

I started blogging as Curlylocks Pics and Pieces back in 2009 so that I could share my crafty creations and ideas with other crafty people, things have changed a fair bit over the years since then.

In 2011 my blog had a name change and a facelift and became The Crafty Alchemist and in 2012 I decided blogging wasn't enough, I wanted more craftiness in my life, after much thinking, planning, making notes and muttering wildly to myself The Crafty Alchemist became a business, starting with an Etsy shop selling embellishment kits for all kinds of crafty projects

And more recently clear stamps and hand stamped notebooks

  I then opened my shop in 2013 and it was this that brought about the change from The Crafty Alchemist to Crafty Alchemy, partly because it trips off the tongue a little easier and is easier to remember for all of my lovely customers too.

Whilst quietly working behind the scenes on all this I decided it was time to say goodbye to my original blog, I was struggling to get out of the habit of just posting my crafty creations rather than sharing all of the good stuff that goes on here in the Crafty Alchemy Labs (this is what my studio space is known as by my friends and family) so rather than trying to make the old blog fit in to this new era I decided to start again from scratch.

And here we are, a shiny new beginning on a shiny new blog.

I'll still be sharing my crafty stuff, hopefully in a little more detail than previously along with exciting developments and new products from the Crafty Alchemy Labs and this time it's not just me, Jennie aka Mum has joined the Crafty Alchemy Team and will be contributing on the blog from time to time. We may also have one or two guest bloggers in the future as well (please ping me an email to or you can us the contact section in the sidebar if you're interested, we'd love to hear from you)

Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello, I really hope you come back again and join us on this exciting new adventure with Crafty Alchemy, I'm really looking forward to sharing all of the things we've been working on and are planning for the future.

Take care & hope to see you soon

Claire xxx

p.s I'd be thrilled if you followed me... just so you know ;-)


  1. Some very lovely things in your Etsy shop. I wish you continued success with your crafty venture. Thanks for stopping by today.

  2. Thought I'd come and visit your new 'home'. Wishing you all the best with your future crafting & creating.

    Toni xx

  3. Very nice new posh blog claire ! I'm following :) Love your embellishment kits too.


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